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21 October 2021

How to sell tickets online

There's so many things to think about when it comes to organising an event and one key aspect is how to sell tickets. Let's take a look step by step on how to sell tickets online.

Step 1.

You've already got a fantastic ticket providor. So well done, step 1's complete!

Step 2.

Understanding the fees.  For more info, click here.

75p per ticket + 3.5% transaction fee

So for a £40 event ticket, the booking fee would be £2.18

We Scan Tickets absorb the card fees so there's no hidden costs.
You'll also be paid directly, so we never hold your funds.

What if your tickets are free?
If your tickets are free, then fees are too.

Payment Plans
We Scan Tickets has a payment plan feature, meaning your customers can pay the tickets off monthly, meaning they can be more affordable to some customers.

Step 3. 

Create an account. Set up your ticket types, how much, quantities etc. It's really important to write good terms and conditions, think about every aspect.  Under age policy, refund policy, what happens if the event cancells due to covid? Will you offer refunds? Would tickets be rolled over?

The more detail the better. Chances are nobody will read them, but they can really help you out later down the line if something out of your controll happens.

Step 4. 

Set a date to launch your tickets.  You can sell right away or set a date, We Scan Tickets even provides a count down clock on the checkout so customers know when to come back to purchase.

Step 5. 

It's time to start selling, you can embed the checkout direct in your website, meaning your customers don't go off your site to another.

Step 6.

It's time to promote the event!

Things to think about
- Website
- Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube)
- Poster design, brand design
- Paid advertising? Facebook advertising.
- Magazines
- Advertising via other events (With their permission of course)

Ready to start selling tickets?
Let's go!