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19 December 2019

New Feature: Event Protect

We are happy to announce a new feature, Event Protect! Event Protect is the industry standard in event cancellation protection.

How is the service paid for?
Each event has the option to add event protect, the ticket fees will include the cover for this service, for example as of writing this post our charge for event protect is 2.5% of each transaction. This fee is added onto the standard ticket fee. Your customers are not informed there is an additional fee, it is presented to the customers as a total ticket fee. The organisers can see the full breakdown of the fees for each transaction within the dashboard. If an organiser chooses to absorb the fees, then this 2.5% will be deducted from the face value of the ticket.

How does it work?
If you are forced to cancel your event due to one of the reasons which is covered within event protect, then you can keep your ticket revenue. That's all you need to do. Event Protect will handle the full refund for each customer within your protected event.

You can get more information about Event Protect  here

"Event Protect has established the industry standard in Event Cancellation Insurance for ticket agents. As well as providing global cover for primary & secondary ticket agents, we also work with platforms, venues, events & sports teams to reduce their financial liabilities in the case of an event cancellation."